Photo Attachments

  cruiser2 09:08 19 Apr 07

When I attch photos to email messages, it takes a long time for the photos to be scanned by my security system before the message is sent.
A small box appears in the LH corner of my screen to show the speed at which the outgoing message is being scanned.
Is there any way I can increase the speed of scanning of the photos which are attached to the emails.
There is no problem if the message is only text.

How large are the picture files , are they Jpeg's, which security system are you using ?

  anchor 09:58 19 Apr 07

I suspect that the file size of the photos you are sending is very large. For example an image taken directly from a 5Mpix camera could be about 1.5Mb.

Unless you need to send the picture at its highest quality, you should reduce its resolution, and increase its compression. Most photo programmes allow you to do this.

I doubt that would need to send a file more than 100kb, which would still be of good quality.

  conrail 10:10 19 Apr 07

I use a program called Send Photos Gold, click here, just insert the photos and add a cation and send

  conrail 10:11 19 Apr 07

sorry that should be add a caption, must get a keyboard that can spell!!

  anchor 14:42 19 Apr 07

Unfortunately "Send Photos" is a paid for service; $30/year.

conrail: I naturally assumed you were not adding as positively charged ion to your pics. Those dratted keyboards!.

  Minkey1 14:47 19 Apr 07

Some email programmes will offer to "re-size" photo attachments before sending, certainly Outlook does.

Saves any editing first.

  Belatucadrus 15:21 19 Apr 07

Try Shrinkpic click here

  Greengage 15:54 19 Apr 07

You may wish to use Picasa click here

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