Phone line not working Broadband is.

  Gwyn1 12:27 18 Jul 06

Not really a problem, just something that seems strange. My phone line not working - no dial tone no incoming or outgoing calls, yet Broad Band is still working fine.

  ArrGee 12:31 18 Jul 06

Have you contacted your phone service provider?

  Gwyn1 12:37 18 Jul 06

Have emailed them, next doors phone also out of action so problem probably between here and the exchange. As the Broad Band uses the same line into the exchange as the phone line and then separates there (I assume, then the exchange may have the problem.

  ArrGee 12:40 18 Jul 06

That is most probably the case.

  Taff™ 13:36 18 Jul 06

I had this once but the opposite way round - no broadband but telephone working. The overhead cable (dropwire)from the telegraph pole attached to the house had visible frayed and BT replaced it. (Worth Having a look) Caused by bird s*** decaying the sheath apparently! Could be that your neighbour shares the same pole?

  Gwyn1 16:18 18 Jul 06

Taff, thanks but all our lines are underground. BT stating mo problems, but my phone provider is saying major problems in the Stoke area. Have also become aware of others (not neighbours) who are having the same problem.

  ArrGee 16:33 18 Jul 06

Not a problem with the exchange side then. It's in the hands of the service provider.

  Gwyn1 16:43 18 Jul 06

Not quite ArrGee, the others that I know are having problems are all with BT. BT also provide the line for my provider who contacts BT when things go wrong withe line. I have also tried to call people on BT land lines in my mobile but can't get through, so clearly Bt have a problem even if they will not admit it.

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