phone disconnects internet

  shortcircuited 21:57 11 Jan 03
  shortcircuited 21:57 11 Jan 03

i have a 56k connection and windows xp. phone line is on internet line, everytime anyone tries calling through or picks up a phone here, my internet connection cuts of and machine restarts. How do i stop this, can i stop this? I have AOL7

pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help.

after downloading for 1 hour 59 mins with one min to go, I dont want to get disconnected.


  northamuk 22:08 11 Jan 03

Get a Download Manager.

  fitcher 22:12 11 Jan 03

it will do if you have the bt call waiting notification .tell them you do not want them to tell you when some one has rang you .

  shortcircuited 22:22 11 Jan 03

my worst fear came true (well not my worst) i've just been downloading video factory 2 free stuff and it took nearly two minute before the end my computer restarted, i assume someone was trying to call on the phone............have i lost all that i downloaded? do i need to start again or can i pick up where i left of somehow

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