Phone calls via Internet

  jeanmichel 16:18 06 Jul 07

Hello there!

I would like to ask your professionalism about phone calls via Internet.

Actually I would be interested in a brief description of the system which makes call from the UK to European countries. The idea is to use 0845 etc. phone numbers. The caller makes call which goes through a softver, this softver has a connection with the service provider and this provider can establish the call. This is my idea.
I would be interested in the switchs and the egress and ingress and anything regarding the system.

Thanks for your help.

  Jackcoms 16:28 06 Jul 07
  crosstrainer 16:42 06 Jul 07

Company, good quality of service, speak to Australia regularly...connections reuire a broadband line....the small router is supplied by the company, although I have mine connected to my ADSL Modem / Router. click here

  eedcam 18:28 06 Jul 07

More straight forward use a sip phone the PC need not be on you choose a regional phone number to suit need not be in the region you live. The same phone will either ring or receive via the internet or normal land line. Not the cheapest but you just dial as normal

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