philips tv firmware

  stubrow 31 Oct 11

Hi All

Not strictly a pc related question but help required have updated firmware on philips tv as recommended on philips site via usb stick via download to pc tv said all was good when i uploaded it but tv now not working properly has anyone else had any experience of this ?

  Graham* 31 Oct 11

Yep. I had to scrap the TV.

Updating the firmware in my case was non-reversible. Not a good idea.

  robin_x 31 Oct 11

If recommended on their site, do you have a warranty claim?

Assuming correct model and firmware downloaded of course.

Longshot may be to see if the original firmware still available on the web somewhere.

  stubrow 31 Oct 11

sorry you had to scrap tv Graham sounds a bit drastic Tv still working in my case just not responding properly to remote etc

Tv 3 yrs old not in warranty have been in touch with philips apologetic but not much use have tried to find older firmware to no avail

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 31 Oct 11

Make model No. of TV?

I suggest you try a factory reset of the TV.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 31 Oct 11

Possibly a stupid suggestion as you probably need the remote to do it :0)

1- Press Home, 2- Select [Setup] > [Installation] > [Factory settings], 3- Press play to enter the [Factory settings] menu [Reset] is highlighted, 4- Press OK to reset to default settings. 5- Press Home to exit.

for 42 in models

  Graham* 31 Oct 11

Factory reset does not work. It won't remember the original firmware.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Nov 11

No but was hoping it might kick the infra red sensor back to life :0)

  stubrow 04 Nov 11

Sorry havent responded not been around but futher to Fruit bats suggestion the remote does work to an extent but more often than not doesnt do what it should be doing I can get channels but once tv is on remote will not change channels volume etc and cannot get any menus up to do any sort of reset

Thanks for responses

  stubrow 04 Nov 11

Oh and the tv is a philips 32 pfl 7623d

  robin_x 04 Nov 11

Philips suggest you call them in case of upgrade error.

They are open tomorrow, and until 8pm weekdays.


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