philips dvd rom problems xp -sp2 hp 12:22 26 Jan 06

hi guys, xp - sp2 - hp . i am having problems with the following IDE DVD ROM 16X, on pressing eject it just clunks without opening, if i keep doing this it will eventually open, on closing the screen freezes before the disc is detected,resulting in me having to hold in the button. tried to update driver but can only find old ones, tried uninstall through device manager, on boot it was detected but behaves no differentley.........pls help

  eqskey 12:30 26 Jan 06

I find that once optical start messing up~I end up playing for hours trying to to find a solution~and then binning them.
Cost around £17 for a new one.

Altering the jumper position sometimes sorts it out.So if it set to master or slave then set it to 'cable'.Or vice versa. 12:34 26 Jan 06

hi aqskey. jumper position ??????????- so is this not a driver issue

  eqskey 12:41 26 Jan 06

Normally I find with optical drives it is the hardware.
You could try then~ Uninstall the drive from within the Device Manager.Use Action tab.Then under Action tab->click Scan for hardware changes.The drive will then be reinstalled.

  eqskey 12:44 26 Jan 06

Sorry ,the jumpers are the minute plastic covered connector on the rear of the drive itself.This will mean messing inside the pc .Have you done this before?

  Ironman556 12:46 26 Jan 06

The ejecting issue definately sound mechanical. Could also have something to do with the PC freezing. My DVD-ROM used to make the PC freeze while reading, and now it won't read anything; solution: new drive.

  Stuartli 13:56 26 Jan 06

You only need the basic Windows CDROM driver for all optical drives (rewriters operate through the medium of burning software).

Try checking the cables and leads again for firmness, uninstall the drive from Device Manager and then reboot, allowing Windows to Find New Hardware and install the basic driver.

  eqskey 14:11 26 Jan 06

Does repeating the same message help?? 14:50 26 Jan 06

no really, already done stuartlis sugestion, lokking like a new drive then, how hard are they to fit and install?

  eqskey 14:56 26 Jan 06

Take your time ~use a camera or video the removal.It might seem over the top but why not.
2 cables really,one jumper and maybe 1 audio cable.Oh and 4 screws.

The hard bit will be it's removal because it means removing the 2 side panels on some pc's .A jigsaw really.But you can do it easily.

  Stuartli 14:59 26 Jan 06

You don't need to go to the lengths you suggest..:-)

Fitting a new drive is just a case of shutting the system down, using the PSU's on/off button to turn off the mains supply (keeps it earthed), taking the side peices off your case, removing the drive's leads and cables (note their positions) and then unscrewing the small screws on each side of the drive.

Keep the screws as they can be used again. Take the drive out through the front of the case, replace it with the new one, attach the leads and cables correctly and then replace the screws. Ensure the front of the drive is flush with the case front.

Turn on the system again, hootup and allow Windows to Find New Hardware and install the CDROM driver.

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