phantom file

  lezw 20:32 05 May 06

I ripped a cd so that I could burn it as an mp3 file to play in the car. To make life easy I saved the files to a folder that I created on my desktop and called I “a gift” , now I am unable to get rid of the file I have deleted it moved it and shredded it but it always returns as an empty file called “a gift “after the next reboot. Anyone got any ideas?

  Totally-braindead 20:53 05 May 06

Is it XP you have? The only thing I can think of, and I'm not sure if it does this, is perhaps media player is still listing the file gift and perhaps its reinstalling the file when windows restarts. This is a guess as I don't know if media player can do this but something is recreating the file each time you restart.

Try downloading ccleaner click here and run the "issues" bit of it. This will search for left behind bits of programs, amongst other things and will belete them. That may get rid of it.

  tedz 22:08 05 May 06

hi lezw, assuming you used media player to rip your cd try this: open media player and on the tools menu click on options,then the "rip music" tab.
check that the "rip music to this location" path is not the folder you created on your desktop called "a gift" if it is change it to the my music folder in my documents.

  lezw 22:53 05 May 06

Hi to you both and thanx for your help the problem was indead in wmp even though i used roxio media 8 to rip SORTED!!!!!!!!

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