Permanently delete items from quarantine in Ewido.

  Meshuga 12:12 12 Jan 06

Acting on advice earlier today in a previous thread that it was ok to remove items from quarantine in ewido I have tried to do this but the "Remove Finally" button is greyed out, as is the Restore button. Only the Refresh button is bold. Cannot see any way of configuring so that these buttons can be made operative. Can anyone help with this please? The ewido prog is the full one, paid for and the license key installed.
My OS is XPhome sp2.

  PaulB2005 12:13 12 Jan 06

You might have to select the items first before you can Remove or Restore. Single click an item and see what happens.

  SANTOS7 12:16 12 Jan 06

Right click and hold in a clear space within the quarantine box move mouse pointer to highlight the items you want to remove and click "remove finally".

  Meshuga 12:24 12 Jan 06

Many thanks PaulB2005 and SANTOS7. It worked a treat.

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