Periodic popups and redirects in firefox

  spras 17:00 11 Jan 13

I am periodically getting popups in both Firefox and Chrome. In Firefox something blocks the popup itself (probably Adblocker) so all I get is a little 'x' in order to get rid of it, which saves me from the worst of it but is becoming very annoying. Additionally, sometimes when I click on a link I get redirected to some website or another trying to sell some terrible product (typical advertising website). Neither of these things happens every time, but occurs periodically. I have done multiple scans with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes to no avail. They turn up clean, but there is definitely something there that I cannot seem to get rid of.

Has anyone come across this issue before, or know what it's called? I can't even effectively google search becuase it's so vague.

  SillBill 17:07 11 Jan 13

Have you suddenly found that you have a toolbar/search engine that you didn't install? Or has your Home Page been hijacked, these are all symptoms that you have fallen victim to a trojan.

  spras 18:08 11 Jan 13

Nope, neither of those things are the issue. I do of course suspect a Trojan, but then I've never had one that was so difficult to pick up with various anti-virus/anti-spyware scanners! It's just the periodic pop-ups and redirects.

  rdave13 18:35 11 Jan 13

Have a look at your plugins/extensions in your browsers to see if anything unknown there. Might have been downloaded with another program. Also check it's only your home page listed in settings. Finally check programs and features for an unknown program.


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