Performance issue on newly set up wireless lan

  Homeworker 15:57 26 Apr 07

I have a Mesh PC with Tiscali broadband; I am about to start working at home regularly with a laptop provided by my employer; I will need to VPN into work so thought the easiest thing was to set up a wireless lan at home. I have set up the lan using a belkin router, but performance speed on the internet from my PC is now terribly slow - any tips? It took us ages to go to Broadband and my partner is going to kill me if I don't sort this out!

  Forum Editor 18:37 26 Apr 07

on your router?

If you haven't, it's possible that half the neighbourhood is sharing your bandwidth, so that's the first thing to check.

Is your PC connected wirelessly to the router, or did you install a wireless adapter?

Does the slowdown happen regardless of whether your laptop is online?

Has your company configured the laptop so that it can only access the internet via the VPN?

  Homeworker 08:41 27 Apr 07

No I don't think I have enabled encryption - how do I do that? Will that mean I will need to enter a password to log on to the network?

Yes my PC is connected wirelessly to the router - wasn't aware there was another option... (sorry, beginner on wireless)

Yes the slowdown happens regardless of the laptop.

Not sure on the last one - to be honest I've never tried to do anything other than log on via the VPN.

Thanks for replying!

  setecio 11:08 28 Apr 07

You need to rule out 2 areas :

1) You need to setup WPA security on the router, which will be explained in the manual as they are all different. Then you can enter the passphrase on the laptop and PC and save the settings so that you don NOT have to log in every time. But this stops unauthorised use of your router.

2) You need to check if the problem is with your ISP or with your wireles. Do this by checking the speed via ethernet cable and if it also very slwo then it is not a problem at your end but something for your ISP to fix, if they can.

Here is a good speed test but remember you must be connected by ethernet cable to your router to rule out wireless degradation.
click here

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