pat2068 00:07 14 Aug 04

could anyone tell me if lester2k's site is working as i am looking for the perfetch cleaner he had on his site thanks leo

  pat2068 00:23 14 Aug 04

come on guy's sombody must no if jester2k's site is back up and running or if i can get the perfetch cleaner else where leo

  Belatucadrus 00:30 14 Aug 04

click here No idea, but Major Geeks got one.

  Dan the Confused 00:31 14 Aug 04

Do you mean this? click here (it's at the bottom.)

  kyprosman 00:31 14 Aug 04

just tried it and it was a 404 not found

  bvw in bristol 00:35 14 Aug 04

Leo, just go to C:/windows/prefetch and delete anything over 3 weeks old.

Do that once a month and you'll be fine.

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