People with Vista can't log into my website

  Dragonfly2 15 Jan 09

Hi again,
I've now got another problem with my website: A couple of people who use Vista can't seem to log onto it. I've got XP, and have no problems, neither have others who use XP.

My friend with Vista says he gets ERROR 404. He can get into my website using a link that I send him in an email, but can't get it by putting the website details directly into Internet Explorer.

Any ideas what's going wrong? There's two people involved.

  AndySD 15 Jan 09

Please put in a link to the website

  Forum Editor 15 Jan 09

and ask the two people which browser they're using.

  Dragonfly2 15 Jan 09

My website is click here.

Having gone through all this, I've just found out that another contact has got into the website using Vista, so perhaps the problem is resolving itself, as it's very new.

I think both my other friends use Internet Explorer, but I'm trying to confirm the details.

  quack 17 Jan 09

Just tried your site in Vista using Internet Explorer 7. Absolutely no problem with access and navigation.

  TomLinny 22 Jan 09

I think its an A RECORD issue on the domain. if you type in click here it ok but try just you get the 404 error.

You need to get an A RECORD setup on the domain to point (no www.) to the same ip address as (www.)

If you are not sure how to do this yourself ask your domain provider and they will be able to help you with this.

Hope this helps


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