OCTCORE 12:33 15 Sep 09

Hello there,

I built a new PC in December with some cheap bits off a mate. Pentium D(3ghz dual core) 2 gig of 667 ram on an Asock mobo with a 256 mb graphics card.

After fresh install of XPHE I was a little unimpressed after my old PC being an AMD 2ghz 64(running 32 bit) with a gig of ram.

Although the new PC will manage more stuff at the same time I have always thought that I should have stuck with my old PC a bit longer. What I don't want to do is buy a new quad core and feel short changed again. I keep a very clean system drive with very litle junk software. Is the Pentium D old hat ?

  Quiet Life 15:52 15 Sep 09

Yes it would be considered old hat. However it should outrun an AMD 2ghz. Asock mobos are cheap entry level and that can affect things a lot.
I have had a D 3ghz for over three years and for speed in processing it is slower than a 1.8 core 2 duo but for many operations it does seem faster.
So far I have not thought to change as it runs XP and W7 well.I also have 2gb ram.

  OCTCORE 16:34 15 Sep 09

Interesting, I have wonderd if changing to a sata2 drive would make booting a bit quicker, I have sata1 at the moment. By the end of the year win7 will be the standard offerd with new PC's, (I think) I am not sure if it is worth biulding home PC's anymore. Also are PC world pc's to be avoided ? My Dad had one, a Compaq/HP and has been no bother at all. I have used a Dell at work and I have to say it's the quickest Pc I have ever used. I don't do alot of demanding computing mainly surfing and moving files around, but no one wants a slow PC. When I last looked at there seemed to be a lot less 'bundled' kit CPU,MOBO,RAM and what there is seems very expensive,in relation to what you pay for a biult PC with screen and OS ? Many thanks for all input.

  Technotiger 17:23 15 Sep 09

Hmm, so what exactly is the problem?

Or, put another way - shouldn't this be in Speakers' Corner, rather than in the Helproom!

  interzone55 17:29 15 Sep 09

The Pentium D isn't dual core. In fact some of these didn't even employ hyperthreading - have you checked in task manager to see how many CPUs show.

I don't think you'll see any difference between Sata I & Sata II. The bandwidth of SATA 1 far exceeds the rate that a single drive can be read.

If you invest in a modern motherboard & quad core chip you'll see a vast improvement...

  Quiet Life 17:40 15 Sep 09

Pentium D is two processors on a single core.

  OCTCORE 18:41 15 Sep 09

Hello again, thanks for input.

The hardware shows 2 cpu's, anyway from what your all saying a quad core would be an improvment. Thats what I wanted to know. Great resolved. Great forum, I don't come here that often but when I do I always get consise info. Ta v much.

  Technotiger 18:45 15 Sep 09

With apologies for my unhelpful post!

Glad you are sorted anyway.

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