Pentium 64 bit Proc and Xp pro. x64 Operating sys.

  habari 22:28 09 Sep 05

I not an absolute begineer but I intend buying a new power PC with the new technology although I am aware that there is very little software to support this. Can this work with present software and do I have to get new 64 bit drivers or should I wait till the new year to buy a new PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:59 10 Sep 05

A new PC for Christmas :0)

Its up to you however I don't think that even by the new year there will be that much support for the 64bit operating system.

I already have a 64 bit pentium an it is running quite happily on the 32 bit XP home.

If you need the PC now buy it but if you can wait then do so, remember PCs are already out of date the moment you plg thm in.

  bremner 11:58 10 Sep 05

I have Athlon 64 running XP64.

There is no problem with programs but the drivers are an issue although this is improving rapidly.

I would suggest that you use the web to check for 64 bit drivers for your peripherals eg printer, scanner etc before making the final decision.

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