Pentium 4 v AMD

  madfish83 10:49 06 Jan 06

Just after advice on which processor to buy- Pentium 4 or AMD?
want to be able to use AutoCAD 2005 and play the odd game. Want to spend about £600-700.

if anyone can help i'd appreciate it.

  Genius1 10:56 06 Jan 06

Which AMD are you thinking of buying?

  madfish83 10:57 06 Jan 06

it was a Compaq 1619 AMD. teh pentium i was looking at was a Packard Bell imedia1538. the PB has a tv reciever etc but dont need/want it.

  rmcqua 11:17 06 Jan 06

I don't know which particular P4 the Packard Bell has (I couldn't find the Imedia 1538 on the web) but the Compaq machine has an AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Assuming that it's a P4 running at 3.2GHz min. then, as long as you don't intend to run any 64 bit applications, you will probably find the P4 faster.
(I have 2 machines, one with the same Athlon as above, the other with a 3.2GHz P4 overclocked to 3.85GHz, otherwise similar specs. The P4 noticeably outperforms the Athlon, but this is just my personal experience).

  madfish83 11:21 06 Jan 06

thanks for that.
the packard bell one i've seen on pc world website and it's on the Packard Bell website. didnt know if i was paying extra for the tv bits when it's not something i need.
such decisions! lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:21 06 Jan 06

You will not notice any difference, there is an awful amount of nonsense talked about AMD/pentium comparisons. Go for the cheaper set and use the money saved to buy an external HD.


  rmcqua 11:34 06 Jan 06

I beg to be excluded from the "nonsense" category!
Since my systems were first built, and through many hardware and software revisions, as I said I have experienced a real (not imaginary) performance difference between the two.
This is just as I find it, not as anyone else perceives it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:39 06 Jan 06

Unless you are seriously into gaming and I'm talking 4Gb RAM and nitrogen cooling here, using Autocad and playing the odd game will not show any difference. Judging by the huge amount of Internet threads about AMD/Pentium and the huge amount of differing views I can assume that many people are having the same difficulty.

  rmcqua 11:44 06 Jan 06

Yes, it's about time the two merged to stop all the controversy! But what would happen to CPU prices?
I think Gandalf is right, madfish 83 - given your intended use of the machine, you probably would not notice any difference.

  madfish83 11:45 06 Jan 06

thanks for this guys! it's a big help!

  rmcqua 11:57 06 Jan 06

OK madfish83. Glad it helps. Now you have another decision to make - which brand to choose based on reputation, after sales, etc? I have a definite opinion on that, but not that I would care to air in this forum.

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