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Pentium 4 HELP!!!!!????

  Tk_RiceZ 12:51 18 Jul 03

does anyone know what max the p4 3.06 will clock upto without any additional fans?????

the P4 itself has a locked clock multiplier you will only be able to ramp up the fsb and the core voltage, the benefit you will see with a 3.06 will be negligable and not worth the risk, you shouldnt overclock without a utility that measures your temperatures so that you can see when the temperature is reaching a danger level, extra fans are about £10 quid ,a new 3.06 is how much?

  Tk_RiceZ 13:09 18 Jul 03

£330 for a new 3.06, well i've got the fsb to 139 and is running at 3.2........increasing the core voltage will benefit me.....how????and what does it do????

yes i do have a core centre to measure my temp, it's average at 56 deg.

anymore reccomendations???

i'm not going to tell you not to overclock a machine cos its great fun but i would really suggest you practice on an old machine until you understand all the principals completely, maybe you have considerably more money than me (which wouldnt be difficult) but £330 is a lot of money to send up in smoke

at 56degrees average its probably wise to think of extra cooling now .

anyway good luck. H

  Tk_RiceZ 14:05 18 Jul 03

i know its fun to overclock, but you haven't told me how increasing the core voltage will help??????

all i can do is change my fsb at the moment and until u tell me how core voltage helps i wnt tamper with it....

care to explain horiz??

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