User-994545 21:42 17 Jun 07

ive got a hp pavilion,as soon as windows starts the computer stack starts beeping at 1 second intervals,just like a low battery warnig on a fone.any ideas

  SANTOS7 21:47 17 Jun 07

Memory Error,It may not be seated properly or it is failing..

click here

use the prog in the link, it will help determine if it is failing ..

  wee eddie 08:32 18 Jun 07

As SANTOS7 says it could be a Memory problem or it could be an over-heating problem.

It could be worthwhile taking the sides of your PC and cleaning all the fans and the heat sink. Also re-seating the Memory sticks could be a good thing to try.

For cleaning: a natural bristle paint brush (to loosen the dust) and a Hair Drier (to blow the dust away).

For re-seating RAM: Go to YouTube and Search for "Install RAM" it should fined at least one clip on how to do it.

  daba 00:18 19 Jun 07

just add to that - make sure it blows cool or cold, don't blow it hot, in a confined space the air from a hair-dryer can get very very hot.

better in my opinion is to use a brush and a vacumm cleaner with the upholstery nozzle to remove the dust, rather than just blowing it all over

another good tip is to carefully clean the edge contacts on the memory modules with the eraser end of a pencil, finally clearing up any stray rubber fragments with a brush

when putting the memory modules back in, a little and gentle "rocking" in its final position helps to promote a good clean contact

  User-994545 13:22 19 Jun 07

thank to everybody,ill start right now

  Totally-braindead 13:31 19 Jun 07

Be warned, regarding the hoover and the hairdryer idea, do not let them touch the inside of your PC. If they create static then it can damage your PC.
I have to stress that this has never happened to me personally but it can happen so be careful.

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