Peaceful computing

  Sturmey 11:33 30 Mar 03


I would like to put the base unit of my PC as far away from me as possible, preferably in another room.

I can buy extension cable's for my monitor and keyboard, but can you get extension cables for a ps2 mouse and is there a limit to how long an extension cable can be for a monitor, mouse and keyboard.



  A Pound of Sausages 11:35 30 Mar 03

Why not get a infra red, or even bluetooth mouse (assuming they exist of course) ?

  -pops- 11:45 30 Mar 03

Not very convenient for putting CDs/DVDs/floppies in.


  Belatucadrus 12:14 30 Mar 03

click here the PS2 mouse would need the extension cable with the MINI6 fittings

  Pesala 12:33 30 Mar 03

click here

No need to go overboard. If you cut the noise from the CPU fan, the case fan, and the hard drive, that should be enough. Should be less than £100 and an afternoon's careful work. Most of the noise from the PSU goes out of the back anyway. Put the system unit under the desk, stand it on the carpet or a rubber mat. Make sure it is well ventilated etc.

  Megatyte 12:47 30 Mar 03

5Metre PS2 extension cable from click here.

£6.99 Order code PQ31J


  Sturmey 13:35 30 Mar 03

10 meters should be enough for the PS2 cable, I have an external cd rom drive and hardly use floppies so not bothered about it being far away cutting noise is my priority, I don't want to spend much more on my PC, otherwise I would go out and buy quiet fans, psu's etc. Extensions cables are fairly cheap.

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