PDF files try to open in word

  NORFOLK SPARKY 19:30 PM 02 Aug 12

when I receive a PDF file I have the option of saving or opening the file. The option given is open with adobe but when I chose this option it opens in word and is nonsense. I am using Office home & student. I assume that there is a default setting in word to open all files with word. Does any one know if this is correct and if possible can it be turned off. Even if I save it and then left click on that file it trys to open in word. The only way I can open as a PDF is to right click and chose open with Adobe. Thanks in anticipation for your help

  Woolwell 19:42 PM 02 Aug 12

This is probably a problem with file association with pdf being associated with Word rather than Adobe. This isn't a problem with Word. To help you need to tell us what your operating system is - XP, Vista, W7?

  NORFOLK SPARKY 19:52 PM 02 Aug 12

Hi Woolwell computer is running xp professional

  Woolwell 19:57 PM 02 Aug 12

Try this Ms Support

  NORFOLK SPARKY 20:32 PM 02 Aug 12

Thanks Woolwell that worked

  Woolwell 21:53 PM 02 Aug 12

Good to know.


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