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  MoiraB 15:58 20 Nov 03

I was recently sent a PDF file as an attachment but when I tried to open it I got various error messages one of which was "This file contains information not understood by the viewer". I assumed it has been created in a later version of Adobe than I had so tried to open it again to check which version I have and saw that this was 2.01. I know I have Acrobat 5.0 so checked and sure enough I have but it comes under Program Files but Version 2.01 (and 3.01) were shown directly on my C drive. I was able to open the file by opening Acrobat 5.0 first and then double clicking on the attachment. Today I decided to tidy this up and remove the earlier versions. 3.01 I could do through Add/Remove Programmes but I had to manually remove 2.01 as it didn't appear there. I then tried to change the PDF association to the 5.0 version by typing in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Reader in the "open with" box but I get the message that it can't find the programme. I've checked and I have got the right path but I notice that currently it's associated with something called "Acroread" and that folder is still there. Please can someone either more "techie" or more logical than I am tell me how to get it to work smoothly.

  VoG II 16:01 20 Nov 03

acroread.exe is Adobe Reader

Why not get the latest version click here which should fix the associations.

  MoiraB 16:21 20 Nov 03


I did that yesterday but when I went to install it I got the message "corrupt cabinet file". I'm running Win98 so the latest version for me is 5.05 so I thought it was hardly worth the time spent in downloading it again when I already have 5.0 however, I'll try again.

  Stone 16:32 20 Nov 03

Up until acro 5 I had similar. It seems that unless all previous versions are removed BEFORE installing latest it reverts to the first installed reader. This only applies if 2 or 3 is there first.

  MoiraB 18:45 20 Nov 03

You were right Stone, it works now that I've removed the previous versions. Thanks both of you. Proves that 3 heads are better than 1!!

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