pdf file sent to USA will not open ?

  Baskerville 03 Sep 11

Hello all,

I sent a pdf file in an email but the person on the other side of the pond cannot open it ? she said it just will not open, she knows very little about computers and I think that she may not have Adobe on her comp, does anyone recommend a fix that will allow her to open this file ? or does she need to download Adobe to open this file and if so would Adobe 10 be of use in the USA ? she asked me to send her the photo's that are in the pdf file but it will not let me save them as individual photo's.

Many thanks for any help,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Sep 11

free pdf readers

try foxit

  lotvic 03 Sep 11

I use foxit for my pdf's

You have given no information on the pc in the USA so it is difficult to advise specifics.

It may be that she already has a program to open .pdf's, have you asked what programs are installed and what O/S (XP, W7)?

Is she trying to open the .pdf straight from the attachment in the email or has she saved it to a folder in 'Documents'?

What email client does she use on her pc or is she using Webmail from her ISP or Windows Live?

Does she get any error message? for example "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action"

If she does not have a program to open .pdf's there are several available and for free and it does not matter where in the world you are they will work.

As a workaround if you are unable to save the pics separately on your pc, have you considered taking screenshots of them and saving each screenshot as a .jpg You can enlarge the pic on screen before you take a screenshot and then crop the borders in whatever program you use for images.

  Baskerville 06 Sep 11

Thanks for your help,

I couldn't include any details as she struggles with her computer especially when it plays up.

I sent her the link to Foxit,




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