pcworld backup dvd

  sunnystaines 10 Jun 11

get mixed info from pcworld. last week one store helper said you cannot upgade the ram to 2gb on the samsung nf110 on pcworld sold netbooks they are not compatable with 2gb of RAM, today i was told you can and that it will have the latest bios update.

but if we want factory settings dvd backup it will cost an extra £30-£40 is he ripping me off, do samsung not come with backup dvd?

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11


Hi old freind, sadly PC world and Samsung kind of have you overa barrel, you can download and update the BIOS yourself from the Samsung site, then go to Crucial or similar (can't work out how to put links in the new site yet) and then install the ram yourself.

Crucia should identify the model correctly, so best advice I can give is backup the lot and do it yourself.

PC World will charge you a foryune for the ram as well.

Glad you are still here!



  sunnystaines 10 Jun 11

Thanks was thinking similar, i was wondering if they were trying to charge for the dvd that should be included anyway.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11

Yep, that's the way they do things....Unless you have a backup partiton (you should) on the lappy. It's how they make £££

If you have Acronis TI that won't help either as the registry will change. But if you backup you crtical data, install the new memory, then (sadly) reinstall all the programmes.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a used toothpick from them.

Let us know how you get on!

  Woolwell 10 Jun 11

Shouldn't you be using the Samsung Recovery Solution to create an image of your disc? See Samsung Recovery

  Woolwell 10 Jun 11

Crosstrainer 2 - it's a netbook and may not have a backup partition.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11


Hello to another old mate! That will only work if the Lappy was purchased from Samsung, or another smaller retailer. It sucks. and all that re-installation is a real pain. But even if the ram was purchased from Crucial, PC World would refuse to install it.

I'm amazed....You are all still here! :))

  Woolwell 10 Jun 11

The specs for the Samsung state that Samsung Recovery Solution is installed. It should work.

Agree that PC World will not install the RAM. I've used Mr Memory link textfor RAM without any problems. It would seem that you have to take out the 1 Gb and replace with a 2 Gb module.

  Woolwell 10 Jun 11

You can also download different versions of the Recovery Solution.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11


Yep just had a look, but PC World have a "Special" way of doing thngs. Worth a try, And MM is a good source for ram.

Backup first and try. This thing I'm running now is 64Bit Win 7 with 128GB ram, two Radeon 5840 CArds (so four in total) I use it for music vids and high end music editing via a Roland Desk.

It's another beast, but I built it myself. I know not everyone can do this but I encourage all to try.

Mistakes are how we learn, and if in doubt, this is the place to ask before you connect something to the wrong socket. Hard to do these day's though.

BTW PSU = 1.5 GW

Back to the ipad for a while!

  robin_x 10 Jun 11

Is needing BIOS update a red herring? I have never heard of that for a memory upgrade. Mind you I don't have a netbook.


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