PCs in Australia

  krislas 22:00 23 Jun 05

I am hoping to emigrate to Australia in the next few months. Does any body know whether UK pc's would work over there? I would really like to take mine if I could. How about mini DV camcorders? I know TVs and video and DVDs wont work. Thanks for any help/advice on this matter

  dan11 22:17 23 Jun 05

Scroll down to " What household goods should I bring / not bring to Australia?"

click here

  genuinefake 22:35 23 Jun 05

it should work, even your dvd player etc as long as you change the plugs.

  bowl 23:12 23 Jun 05

Hi krislas

I went to Australia for 9 weeks over the winter and used my medion laptop on the mains and also chargers for cameras and razors you can buy a conversion plug out there hope this helps


  Forum Editor 23:40 23 Jun 05

asked me to buy his computers for him before he left Hong Kong to live in Sydney.

Now he uses six machines bought from a Hong-Kong supplier and shipped to Australia (his idea, don't ask), and three laptops I bought for him in PC World here, in London. As far as I'm aware he's had no problems at all.

  Kate B 10:16 24 Jun 05

Just change the plugs! I used my iBook in Australia all this month.

  Sapins 11:17 24 Jun 05

Don't forget everything will need an inverter;-)

  kenwyn 11:20 24 Jun 05

I moved to NZ a few years ago (Similar in all aspects as Oz, as far as your query). EVERYTHING electrical worked except the TV, (which is broadcast on different frequencies, which a UK TV cannot pick up). The video is fine for playback of pre - recorded tapes, (so you could bring the TV for that). The mini DV camcorder is fine, and if the DVD player is multi regional, that too should work, onc eyou start purchasing Ozzie discs. The PC should be OK, but remember to remove the printer cartridge before packing it - mine leaked on the way, although the printer still works. You can bring your phone (many phones in the shops here are marked BT Approved, although I wouldn't swear to the Oz system being identical). Don't bring your fridge or freezer, as they may not survive the journey, or work properly in the hotter parts of Oz, although no harm in packing the fridge as an extra beer fridge... Oh, and bring a decent front loading washing machine; top loaders are the norm here, but are far inferior to what you may be used to in the UK. Finally, be prepared for a lot of plug- changing, or trailing sockets for items where the plug is hard - wired.

  kenwyn 11:26 24 Jun 05

PS - once you change plugs, keep the UK ones.In my experience, sooner or later, you will find someone going the other way, who will find them very useful and buy them off you. Could pay for a few cold ones...!!

  krislas 13:09 24 Jun 05

Thanks everbody for your useful advice. All I now need is to get my visa!!!

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