PCMCIA wireless card with good antenna

  Jdoki 17:04 18 Aug 05


Hoping for some advice/recommendations...

I have just set up ADSL using a wireless router/modem (D-Link 604T IIRC), I have two machines roughly equal distance away from the router and both have poor signal.

One is my desktop, with a PCI wirless card (D-Link again), I have corrected the problem and now get an Excellent signal by fitting high gain 5dbi antennas to both the router and the PCI card.

However the other machine is a laptop, and with a standard PCMCIA card the signal is pretty poor (less than 50% strength).

So my question...

Anyone know of a PCMCIA card with a high gain antenna built in, or even with the facility to add an external antenna?

A couple of other considerations...

- Any suggestions must work with WPA, rather than WEP security. (One of the cards I tried was a Belkin and it only supports WEP)
- The card can support B and/or G speeds - not fussy about local speeds.

Thanks in advance!

  howard60 17:11 18 Aug 05

have you tried varying the position of the laptop relative to the base aerial. Sometimes a foot either way can make a considerable difference.

  Jdoki 17:52 18 Aug 05

The machines are both used in rooms with doors closed, think walls, and no obvious impediments to signal, both are about 50ft from modem with a couple fo doors/walls and a flight of stairs in between.

In the limited space for moving the laptop around nothing has helped.

The PCI card signal strength went from >50% to 75+ with 80% signal quality. So I'm guessing that high gain is the way to go.

Thnaks for the suggestion though.

  scotty 22:13 18 Aug 05

May not be a good solution for you as you already have a router modem but the new generation of MIMO routers give much better coverage.

Example - Belkin Pre-N click here

  The Spires 00:01 19 Aug 05

Have you tried putting the router upstairs if you have an upstairs that is? It helped a great deal in my setup.

  wotbus@ 17:00 19 Aug 05

Some advice offered to me when trying to resolve the continued non-operation of my wifi link - was to try by increasing the distance between the two [router/pc] from 1 room to wherever]. Seems like too close can swamp the signal but it didnt work in my case. Try here click here and good luck ;-)

  wotbus@ 17:03 19 Aug 05

Just re-read your post and you already have the distance. Took "both in the same to room" to be router/pc. Sorry.

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