Derek 07:21 05 Jul 05

Bought a new keyboard, a Roland G70. It has a PCMCIA slot for inserting Compact Flash, SmartMedia or Microdrive.
I've looked about and find the adaptor type a bit confusing so I'm asking.........
What adaptor should I buy to fit any of the memory types I've mentioned and what might be the price ?
If it's costly, I would prefer to have an adaptor that would just adapt a Compact Flash card.

Thanks in advance Derek Miles

  jack 08:59 05 Jul 05

I get the feeling that PCMCIA have been overtaken by USB/Firewire etc, it is a bit old hat- although modems may be available for Lappies.
I guess you dosh may be better spent on a simple USB card reader.

  De Marcus 09:09 05 Jul 05

click here They're cheap enough.

P.s. Nice keyboard ;-) makes me want to take piano lessons again.

  De Marcus 09:10 05 Jul 05

oops the link didn't work, but either way just type pcmcia into the search box.

  Derek 09:20 05 Jul 05

Many thanks for your input, what would we all do without you all. Again my thanks Derek Miles.

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