pcmcia cards

  karmgord 23:41 21 Aug 10

will a 32bit pcmcia wlan card work in a 16bit slot?

  mgmcc 07:35 22 Aug 10

In a word "No", it needs a Cardbus (32-bit) slot.

  karmgord 09:11 22 Aug 10

the manual says

The PC card slot can accommodate one Type I or Type II PC card. This slot is compatible with
16 bit card and Card Bus. ZV (Zoomed Video) port is not available

can i get a wifi card that will work in this slot

  karmgord 09:12 22 Aug 10

its a sony vaio pcg-z505r laptop

  mgmcc 12:44 22 Aug 10

The acronym PCMCIA tends to be incorrectly used as a generic term for both 16-bit and 32-bit cards.

PCMCIA is 16-bit, Card Bus is 32-bit and, as your manual says the port supports Card Bus, you can use a 32-bit Wireless Network Adapter in the slot. Examples...

Belkin 802.11g (32-bit) PC Card click here

Belkin 802.11n (32-bit) PC Card click here

  DieSse 13:06 22 Aug 10

The term PCMCIA is out of date. For some time they've been called PC Cards.

click here

Tells you all the different types, including Card Bus.

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