behrouzn 17:12 23 May 03


I bought a GF2 MX form Maplin before Christmas and it burned out, so I took it back and they replaced it with the one on display??? (is that allowed????)

Any ways, I used that for a few fays bu then windows wouldnt load, so i reinstalled Windows (XP Pro). The compuetr worked for a day bu then had the same problem. I realised it was the graphics so I took it back again. (Stupid people selling me dodgy goods)

By the way...
Does anyone know of any good 64meg PCI graphics cards for a decent price?

  jediknight007 17:21 23 May 03

Could it be likely that it's not the graphics card and it's your PC? What is you motherboard and your PSU? Your PSU might not be able to handle it and then the graphics card starts becoming unstable. Maplin are a very good reputable company you know.

A good PCI graphics card is this click here or this click here but I wouldn't suggest spending more than £40-50 for a PCI graphics card. If you really want to play games and stuff, upgrade your motherboard and get a AGP graphics card. PCI cards ain't worth it anymore and in a few month's time, you will be looking to buy another graphics card.

  behrouzn 17:24 23 May 03

I took my PC to a local computer repair shop andd they found that the graphics card had overheated. (the fan was a bit crappy, and it wasnt fixed on properly coz it kept makin a weird noise)

  jediknight007 17:31 23 May 03

Well, if you do visit Maplin, insist that you only receive one that comes in a box or otherwise, just buy from somewhere else.

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