PCI-E Graphics Problem

  Luca M 13:35 08 Jul 07

I have just got a new asrock P4VM890 motherboard and got a Nvidia 7300LE PCI-E graphics card to go with it. I have installed the drivers for the graphics card but whenever I put it inside the PC, it comes up will all funny colours and a scrambled screen, and then after the vista loading page, it restarts. I have been using the onboard graphics and they are fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the problem?

  Kate B 13:36 08 Jul 07

Where did you install the drivers from - a CD that came with the card or from Nvidia's website? If the former, go and get the latest drivers from Nvidia.

  Luca M 13:40 08 Jul 07

Ok, I will go and try getting the latest drivers. I will post a response soon.

  Luca M 13:57 08 Jul 07

Ok, I have just tried it with the newest release of the nvidia drivers and it is still the same.

  umbongo(uk) 14:17 08 Jul 07

so what your saying is you get blocks and lines on the monitor when the pc boots

this sounds like a faulty gfx card .take it back and tell them that on boot and in windows you get screen corruption .you have used the drivers provided on the cd and the new updated one,s off the web
but the screen is still corrupted
but your onbaord gfx are fine

  Luca M 14:19 08 Jul 07

Ok thanks umbongo, I will send it back and ask for a replacement. Its a brand new card so im guessing that it is faulty. I will let you know how I get on.

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