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  Electronic_Eric 01:08 27 Mar 08

I'm an electronics engineer and I'm trying to interface some of my electronics with a computer. I have windows XP and I'm programming in C#. I have a PCI parallel port. I'm struggling to find any drivers that will interface the PCI port with a program. I do have the manufactures driver installed. Can anyone recommend a driver for what i am after? Or can anyone tell me the basic principles i need to look at when creating a driver? Ive never created a driver so i don't know exactly how hard it is or what is involved with it.

Hope to hear from any of you soon,


  crosstrainer 06:31 27 Mar 08

What are you trying to interface with? Writing drivers is a very complex issue....Tried a couple of times with odd bits of kit, and found it to be a very difficult task.

  Electronic_Eric 19:22 27 Mar 08

Oh dear :(

So far im trying to make sure i can talk to the parallel port/outside world properly, so i have some LED's attached on to the parallel port. That is all that im trying interface with at the moment. Before i start making real programs to interface with some real electronics.

I tried to update the drivers before i posted the thread but they wouldn't work. I sent the company that made the parallel port an email to get some help. So they have suggested today i should completely uninstall the port and start from fresh again. I did this and the new drivers installed correctly.

The parallel port now works but it doesn't seem to work 100% correctly. Im now going to have to look at the program a little more to make sure i ain't doing anything daft.


  crosstrainer 10:35 29 Mar 08

Outside the uk?

Need to know specifcations of required connections.

  Electronic_Eric 22:34 29 Mar 08

I'm in the UK.

The port looked like it didn't work because i was being silly. I have made my own parallel cable. I got a connector that needed to be crimped and i used a 25way data cable like what is used on CD drives, floppy disk drive, HDD, etc... But when i counted out the data lines Pin2-Pin10 (D0-D7), i just counted along the data cable from wire number 2 instead of starting from the third wired (D0 or Pin2) and used every other wire.

The original problem lied in the driver for my PCI parallel port. The driver i originally installed was made in 2002. I don't think it was able to act like a normal on-board parallel port. Before posting the thread i did try to install some new drivers for the port but they wouldn't work. Yesterday i emailed the company that produced the port for some help and they replied back suggesting to completely uninstall the port and start from fresh again with the new drivers.

The program now works with the parallel port using the inpout32.dll as well as the latest driver for the parallel port.

So i am now wondering if you can just use the inpout32.dll or io.dll with a normal on board parallel port without the need for the driver for it.

Cheers for your help though.

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