PCI card not recognised.

  wobbler 13:57 31 Oct 03

I have installed a Belkin wireless PCi card in one of my PC's and the PC does not "see" the card. I put the card in another PC and it worked fine. So I put it back in the troublesome PC in a different PCi slot, where the original LAN card had been removed from and the PC still would list it in device manager , not even as a ?
The PC is running XP Pro on a Intel 500 and apart from this problem is working great. Any suggestions?

  brittas 14:11 31 Oct 03

when you started your pc up after putting in the card, did you see "escd updated successfully" during the pre-xp boot up. If the bios doesn't recognise that a card is in a slot, then XP definately wont.

  wobbler 14:36 31 Oct 03

I checked the BIOS and ESCD was disabled, so I enabled it, but on next boot it was diabled again. I changed it back to enabled and again it was disabled on Re boot. Now I am confused!!!

  brittas 15:07 31 Oct 03

have you tried updating your bios - i am not aware of why escd keeps disabling itself. Have you any more slots to try ?

  wobbler 11:15 01 Nov 03

I have now updated the BIOS, re installed Windows and checked that the card worked in another machine, which it does, but I still cant get My machine to see it. It seems to be that ESCD keeps defaulting to disabled in the BIOS. Short of buying a new M/B can you suggest anything else?

  DieSse 15:06 01 Nov 03

In the PCI - Plug n' Pray section of the BIOS, set PNP OS installed to YES and put Reset Configuration data to Enabled (this will go back to Disabled after the next boot - it's supposed to).

Then try again

  wobbler 08:22 02 Nov 03


  MichelleC 09:26 02 Nov 03

See if this utility, 'Unknow Devices', sees it click here

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