PCChips motherboard drivers

  mikeyb59 16:43 08 Jun 04

As a result of my brother's pc crashing big style we decided to format & reinstall Windows Me.

Formatting and installing went without a hitch but the problem is he has no driver disk for the mobo. I installed Aida32 to try and get the mobo details but "Motherboard not recognised" is the response. The chipset is SIS730S.

Without drivers I can't get the display to work correctly and all the USB items in Device Manager have yellow "?" next to them.

I believe that the mobo is a PCChips M810?? Socket A board.


  Baledor 16:48 08 Jun 04

Drivers here:

<a href="click here">PCChips</a>

  sicknote 16:48 08 Jun 04
  SANTOS7 16:48 08 Jun 04

click here select mobo from here will send you to link for drivers

  Stuartli 16:55 08 Jun 04

The PC810 mobo is listed (PCChips was taken over by Elite Computer Systems a while back).

This is a comprehensive FAQ link with regard to the mobo:

click here

Bios updates:

click here

  Stuartli 16:56 08 Jun 04

The first link includes routes to drivers etc, plus a vast range of questions and answers.

  mikeyb59 18:06 08 Jun 04

Thanks to all. Will work on it over the next few days.

Watch this space!

  mikeyb59 15:09 09 Jun 04

Its getting worse. Thanks to the links provided I downloaded the drivers I think I need. However, when I boot up his pc neither of the optical drives appear available.

They are both visible in the BIOS at start-up are not accessable in Windows.

Getting fed up now and think I might have to install my old Jetway 266 mobo to cure it all.

Any ideas?

  Stuartli 16:32 09 Jun 04

The most likely cause, especially if they are listed in Device Manager in Safe mode, is that connections or leads are not firm enough or incorrectly fitted.

  mikeyb59 16:54 09 Jun 04

Not recognised in safe mode either. Only in the BIOS.

Having reconsidered the original problem which seemed to be a chipset/driver issue I have ordered him a new mobo.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

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