PCA's Search Engine.

  LastChip 22:50 14 Jun 04

Before we start, this is NOT meant to be a rant and rave, at most, constructive criticism.

I have noticed repeatedly, when I search for a past thread or subject, invariably the search engine does not produce a result.

For example, tonight, I checked AVG for any updates and of course there was a new definition file. So having downloaded and installed, I then did a search here, to see if that information had been posted. There were no results on the search, but I noticed Lionheart ?'s post clearly on the same page. This made me wonder why the search had not produced any result. So I then copied and pasted Lionheart ?'s title and tried again. Still nothing. Even if the engines index is updated daily, one would have thought it would have thrown up some previous posts.

There must be thousands if not millions of lines of quality information on this forum. It seems to me to be a shame if it's not readily available.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it me? Perhaps the way I have my security set up, or maybe the simplistic way I search? Or is it simply that the search engine is not functioning as well as it might?

Remember, constructive comments only please.

  Fruit Bat 22:56 14 Jun 04

Thought the search engine had changed one box only now.

Seems to be working better for me did a search for hard drive earlier came up with plenty of results.

  SANTOS7 22:57 14 Jun 04

i have just typed in AVG updates and got a bus load so you may well have a more deep lying problem

  VoG II 22:58 14 Jun 04

It now works for me.

  LastChip 23:01 14 Jun 04

Fruit bat hit it in one!

The box on the left does indeed throw up all sorts of results, so the next question is, what is the search box for at the right hand top of the page? (the one I tried!!)

  Forum Editor 01:42 15 Jun 04

the site pages - the hardware and software reviews etc., but not the thread databases. Put AVG into the box and you should come up with a review of McAfee software, in which there's a mention of AVG.

Isn't technology wonderful?

  Forum Editor 07:19 15 Jun 04

technology's even more wonderful than I thought.

  LastChip 09:31 15 Jun 04

Problem solved! (not a problem at all really, only me!)

  Jakey boy 09:49 15 Jun 04

It's gone backwards then?

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