PCAdvisor Speed test for Broadband

  prince midas 12:53 01 Nov 09

I used to have a program which would test the speed of my Broadband connection.I am sure I got it from an old version of PCAdvisor,but I must have erased it.As anyone a direction from where I could download it again please.

  johndrew 13:15 01 Nov 09

There are several, I use this click here

  prince midas 13:38 01 Nov 09

JohnDrew I tried your version but it keeps asking me to install Flash Player and when I gree on I agree and install it just keeps repeating the message and downloads nothing.Is there anouther speed test which does not use Flas. I downloaded 512 MB in 12 minutes on another site.What speed is this?

  john bunyan 13:40 01 Nov 09

I use speedtest.net It keeps a record of your checks both in graph and list form

  prince midas 14:31 01 Nov 09

John Bunyan I used Speed Test as you suggested.
It gave figures of
6.55 MBPS,Ping 46MS, Upload 0.37.
Are these good?

  john bunyan 18:44 01 Nov 09

I assume you are on a deal for "Up to 8Mbps" ? If so these are very good as usually for a normal exchange that is not ADSL2 enabled the most that you will get is 7 to 7 Mbps. I often only get 4. As a matter of interest which ISP are you with?

  john bunyan 18:45 01 Nov 09

Sorry, meant 6 to 7Mbps, depending how far you are from the exchange.

  woodchip 18:48 01 Nov 09

click here Java as to be running to use it

  Sea Urchin 18:55 01 Nov 09

That was the first one he tried from johndrew's link - and he couldn't get it to work

  woodchip 18:59 01 Nov 09

He may not have Java turned on, works for me on all my XP computers and a 98se comp

  hugh144 19:13 01 Nov 09

I've experienced mega problems over the past 2 months with my internet speeds and tried various speed testing sites and they have given different results! So are these sites reliable?

Just tried the one suggested by johndrew which gives the highest ever reading of just over 2mbps.

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