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  compumac 04 Oct 12

I have been trying to use the PCAdvisor search facility that came up with an number of postings. I only wished to see the last months postings, but whichever option I selected Past week, past month, past six months and past year I receive the same list of postings commencing with a posting dated 18th September 2006!!!

What can I be doing wrong?

  Woolwell 04 Oct 12

It's not you. It's not working for me. Suspect a PCA glitch, temporary I hope.

  lotvic 05 Oct 12

use google search instead. replace the xxx's with your search term and then left of google under 'More Search Tools' you can choose your dates.

xxxxxx xxxxxx site:pcadvisor.co.uk/forums

  Zeppelyn 05 Oct 12

Exactly the same here too, was looking for some posts regarding pdf creators but gave up in the end as was only looking for the mosts recent posts,

  X7-250 05 Oct 12

before selecting 'past week/month' change the order from 'relevancy' to 'date'

  Forum Editor 05 Oct 12

X7-250 has the answer. You need to select 'date' in the "order results by" option before selecting the time period.

  Woolwell 05 Oct 12

Relevancy/Date has a priority over the date order and I would have thought that logically that the choice between relevance/date should come first (further up the page) before deciding date range.


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