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I am only able to view the names of those posing problems for the forum not the title nor the thread. Please what can I do?
- Wol

  Scillonia 13:10 29 Jun 04

Can you see updates?

I can only view a list of correspondents with their 'names', date and times and where applicable how many have responded to the query.
No other information at all.

Thanks - if you can help!

  stlucia 13:39 29 Jun 04

You must have titles because that's the text in blue that you have to click on to open this thread to respond to it. Or are you able to open it some other way?

Having logged on to the PC Adv. site I click on the Helproom Forum and can then view a window showing a list as normal but no thread or title information only an 'open folder icon' and alongside the name of the most recent correspondent, date, time etc. and the number of replies.on each line
I then merely entered my query in the box at the bottom of the page.
This response is via the site address recieved by auto e-mail.
- baffled!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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