PCAdvisor and Firefox

  guesswho2 19:08 30 Oct 10

This used to be one of favourite websites but for some time now, using my usual browser Firefox(up to date), it's become impossibly slow. Pages take many seconds to load. It's just occurred to me now to try IE instead and it's much quicker - in fact it's OK. What's the matter with FF?

  tullie 19:19 30 Oct 10

No problem here with Firefox.

  octal 19:24 30 Oct 10

Firefox 3.6.12 on Linux the site is running perfectly, in fact never better.

Try disabling your addons one at a time and see if it's one of them slowing it down, also clear the temp internet files in case there's a file in there that's become corrupt.

  birdface 19:32 30 Oct 10

probably nothing to do with this but you never know.

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Have you got an add blocker downloaded that will usually speed things up a bit.

  birdface 19:35 30 Oct 10

Latest Firefox update.

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If you are using an earlier version update from Firefox help.

  guesswho2 20:04 30 Oct 10

Thanks all.
I've got the current FF ie 3.6.12 and I use an Ad Blocker.
I've not many Add-Ons but there seems to be a huge list of Plug-ins. Could some one perhaps advise a sensible list of these and I could thin them out.
Thanks for your help.

  birdface 20:14 30 Oct 10

Just disable all of your add-ons and see if it runs any better.
If so enable them one at a time till you find the one causing the problem.

If the problem just started since you updated Firefox maybe remove it and download it again and see if it works any better.

I have only 4 plug ins but I very seldomly use Firefox.
Plug ins can also be disabled and then enabled again to see if you can find one causing the problems.

Have you downloaded the latest version of flash player for firefox.

  guesswho2 20:44 30 Oct 10

I think I'm up to date with Flash Player. I'll have to have a session with Add-ons and Plug-ins and see how it goes. Thanks for your help.
I'll mark this resolved just now.

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