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PCA website third party cookies.

  Andsome 08:18 13 Jul 04

Why does this website try to place third party cookies onto my computer? I know that this happens because I get a warning that just such a cookie has been blocked.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:53 13 Jul 04

Partly to do with advertising; so that they can provide you with new ads and know what ads you have responded to.

Try using a modified hosts file which keeps the ads away: click here

  Andsome 09:46 13 Jul 04

I do keep them away. I just get a warning that an attempt has been made to plant a third party cookie on the computer. I don't like this one little bit. I had not noticed it before. Although I can stop them with the settings that I have, I think that this is an attempt at an intrusion, and should not be done on a responsible website like this one is supposed to be.

  Djohn 10:01 13 Jul 04

They don't do any harm andsome, I often click on the links/adverts to support the site and to my surprise have on occasions found things that are of interest to me.

Regards. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:33 13 Jul 04

They do no harm and help pay for the site. They are nothing to worry about and calling them an intrusion is a bit precious. Naturally you would prefer to pay subscriptions? You have little or no privacy on the net and if this is unbarable you have the free choice not to use it.

You would help the site more if you clicked on a few links as I do each session rather than getting all worried about harmless cookies and your perceived right to privacy.


  SEASHANTY 10:44 13 Jul 04

Agree with last two postings.

  Stuartli 10:51 13 Jul 04

I also normally Block/Prompt third party cookies but, as you point out, this is a responsible website and you should have nothing to fear.

  Andsome 11:28 13 Jul 04

I don't honestly know whether or not the cookies have anything to do with the links. The green links do work for me. When I click on privacy, no privacy policy can be found for the site in question.

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