PCA sticking when using chrome

  sunnystaines 05 Feb 13

since i switched to the chrome browser the PCA web has worked as fast as any other web site which is great news as IE9 and FF were very sluggish.

But last couple of days PCA web pages have been stuttering and sticking making scrolling of the pages slow, links and pages ok just scrolling causes a sticking of the web.

other web pages ok just PCA.

  muddypaws 06 Feb 13


It was playing up on all my browsers, but suddenly cleared sometime yesterday and now OK.

  sunnystaines 06 Feb 13

yes its better this morning

  Chronos the 2nd 06 Feb 13

It does it on IE also.

  spuds 06 Feb 13

I find that the PCA website works best with Google Chrome, then Firefox with Internet Explorer being the worse.

A fairly regular browser cache cleaner might help?.

Another good indication to the PCA website, and its sluggishness is looking at the loading and 'waiting for', which might give an indication of any blockages!.

  xania 06 Feb 13

I find same problem with both Chrome & IE9, not just for PCA - also Ebay. IMHO, the problem probably lies with the amount of data needing to be downloaded per page with these longer lists, and all the advertising that goes with, coupled, of course, with the connection speeds.

The simple solution is just patience!!

  Chronos the 2nd 06 Feb 13

I for one do not have problems on Ebay or any other site I use regularly,this is a PCA issue and patience really does not come into it. I have disabled all add ons to see if it was perhaps my PC but as this is a fresh install of Windows ETC at the weekend it was unlikely to be my end.

  spuds 06 Feb 13

Totally agree with Chronos the 2nd comments.

I use a number of websites daily, throughout the day, eBay and Amazon included, and never seem to have or experience the hold-ups this website seems to produce daily.

  amonra 06 Feb 13

All due to "The new improved service" which seems to be ongoinggggg ???????

  chub_tor 06 Feb 13

I find that the PCA website works best with Google Chrome, then Firefox with Internet Explorer being the worse. I'm with spuds on this one, that is exactly how I find it, the one site that is sluggish is PCA.


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