PCA slow Again

  bretsky 21:45 25 Sep 04

Login out now, to slow again even with B/B!!!

bretsky ;0(

  JonnyTub 21:47 25 Sep 04

fine here!!

  VoG II 21:56 25 Sep 04

Fine here too :o)

  kev.Ifty 22:03 25 Sep 04

I think the cause of your "slowness" my be your PC...

Try the usual defrag. run Spybot,Ad-Aware...ECT


  JonnyTub 22:05 25 Sep 04

more than likely his isp has busied up

  dagwoood 22:30 25 Sep 04

Slower than normal, but it's Saturday evening and is normaly slower at this time.


  mammak 22:34 25 Sep 04

No probs here!
"On BT BB"
Infact running lovely.

  sidecar sid 22:47 25 Sep 04

Absolutley super here.

  bretsky 22:56 25 Sep 04

Ok everybody got the message, done usaul checks and all is fine here, must have been a mad moment or two, just gone into several threads all ok now.

apologies PCA!!

bretsky ;0)

  CurlyWhirly 23:27 25 Sep 04

Fine here too!
I have only had ONE server error in nearly 2 weeks and I just waited a few minutes and then pressed the refresh button and everything was fine again.

  end 23:48 25 Sep 04

maybe it has been turned up a notch? but running ok here too:)

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