PCA site and speed?

  dagwoood 23:59 20 Nov 04

I didn't want to start a thread asking if members are finding this site slow, as these type of threads in the past often turned "nasty", but I'm pulling my hair out.

Over the past couple of weeks I've found this site to be slow opening threads. I've explored every avenue I can think of to correct this but I haven't found a solution.

Has anyone noticed a slow down over the past two weeks(i.e.threads take between 5 to 15 seconds to open, sometimes longer)?

I know the site can slow down at busy times, but I even get this problem when logging on in the small hours of the morning, and I don't think it's a routing problem as I've done pathpings at various times of the day/night and don't get any packet loss.

I'm NOT complaining, it's just that I've got used to this site being lightening quick after the server changes a couple of months ago.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Salinger 00:03 21 Nov 04

It can be as slow as a flea trapped in treacle, but not right now.

  bof:) 00:05 21 Nov 04

Hi All,

running fine for me.


  kev.Ifty 00:18 21 Nov 04

I have not had a noticeable problem for at least two months.

The speed, opening threads takes about 3 to 4 seconds.

The only time i have found a delay as such, is when using the Search facility. Even that only takes about 20 maybe 30 seconds.


  kev.Ifty 00:21 21 Nov 04

I have just realised you said the threads where taking 5 to 15 'SECONDS' to open!

Was it ever quicker?

  CODEYE 00:27 21 Nov 04

must agree with you,mine has slowed right down to what it was. other sites no problem.

  dagwoood 00:51 21 Nov 04

kev.Ifty, as to was it ever quicker, when the sites servers were altered a couple of months ago, when I clicked to open a thread, the thread would open and load in under 2/3 seconds, even when you'd expect the site to be busy.

I'll leave the thread not ticked as resolved and see whether any other members have noticed a difference in speed.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  end 02:26 21 Nov 04

I"ve been trying to open a link from one thread to another this "morning" on speakers corner and given up:(

it should be "quiet" at this time of day but...

and another thread on there has refused to open:(

am "not complaining " but merely stating a fact:)

  dagwoood 05:48 21 Nov 04

Thanks for the input end :)


  Andsome 08:21 21 Nov 04

I've found that on the odd occasion this site is OK, but more often than not it is the slowest site that I use.

  g0nvs 08:26 21 Nov 04

Always was slow for me too.

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