PCA Posting Times

  skidzy 19:40 03 Sep 06

This is a bit of a trivial question regarding the time of the forum postings.

My pc clock and the laptops clock are spot on with this site click here

However,the posting times here on PCA always seem to be around 6-7 minutes ahead of my clocks.

Now is this something to do with the clock settings at PCA ?

Just curious really not a problem at all.

  mammak 19:43 03 Sep 06

Yes it was noticed the other day there skidzy
as you say not a problem but after looking at your own clock it is some what confusing when you see the actual time of your post on site :)

  X™ 19:43 03 Sep 06

Weird, the opposite here, I think...

  X™ 19:44 03 Sep 06

Yup, opposite.

  mammak 19:45 03 Sep 06

is PCA clock time behind for you?

  skidzy 19:56 03 Sep 06

Thanks Mam,must have missed the thread you speak of.Glad im not alone Lol :-)

  mammak 19:59 03 Sep 06

No problem skidzy it.s just a mild pain eh :-)

  mattyc_92 19:59 03 Sep 06

This happened a few years ago. The PCA clock was almost an hour out!!

It is just the PCA's server clock that is out. Nothing to do with your system

  skidzy 20:00 03 Sep 06

I thought PCA was wishing my life away Lol :-)))

Cheers everyone (resolved)

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