PCA once Again

  woodchip 21:21 30 Mar 03

Is there any way of finding out when I come on PCA, How many members are using the site at the time I log on? As the site tonight as just about got unusable at my end. On Dial-Up Bt NTL near Sheffield. One min it's OK then next it's U.S

  howard60 21:27 30 Mar 03

but I am on NTL broadband. Very fast and almost zero double insertions.

  graham 21:35 30 Mar 03

Sorry you're having problems, I'm near Sheffield also, on broadband, no problems. There is a facility to display members logged on to a site, see Sheffieldforum. May be PCA, being so big, it would not be feasible.

  woodchip 21:37 30 Mar 03

I have just about had it up to the neck my end. I have even rebooted and cleared cache and history but to no avail pages to night just will not load fully or it completely ignores my click's

  Legolas 21:37 30 Mar 03

I am on NTL Broadband 600 and I have found it a bit slow so if you are using 56 dial up I can imagine it would be almost impossible.

  graham 21:40 30 Mar 03

Sounds like summats up your end. Is it just PCA?

  woodchip 21:56 30 Mar 03

Yes but I do not know if it's because I have selected To not allow These cookies on my comp I use Netscape 7 and it's unbelievable how many cookies and serves it uses I have asked befor but not got an answer.






It stop's on one of these until I press restore, Very frustrating, to the point that I may stop coming for a while. It's only this Site

  graham 22:03 30 Mar 03

Give yourself a treat, any beers in the fridge, a slug of whiskey? Watch TV. Thats where I'm going.

  Mango Grummit 22:09 30 Mar 03

Same here woodchip. Could be the area though. If we were crows I'm not that far from Sheffield (north Derbyshire). As you say it is only this site though but it's been like it on and off for almost three weeks now. Although I don't rally need BB I became so frustrated one day last week that I've ordered it now :~(

  Mango Grummit 22:10 30 Mar 03

I gotta white screen 3 times trying to post that!

  woodchip 22:18 30 Mar 03

That's the length of time that I have been having trouble. I am at Penistone just short of the Derbyshire, Cheshire boarder

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