PCA new website

  Salut 08 Apr 11

Hmmm, had me fooled for a moment, looks so clean and crisp that I thought swmbo had done a spring clean. Well done to all, so far so very good!!

  Matt Egan 08 Apr 11

Thanks Salut. Keep us posted with any feedback, good or bad.

  sharpamat 08 Apr 11

Personally I dont like it. My thought is if its not brocken dont fix it.Its going to see what others think. I have looked most days over past 12 years I knew the layout as did many others,

  Jollyjohn 08 Apr 11

To FE I got an e-mail to say I got a reply to my question but it's not here!

Jollyjohn Vista repair problem


  Matt Egan 08 Apr 11

Thanks Jollyjohn. That may be my fault. I was messing around posting test posts when the site was down, then deleting them.

  shellship 08 Apr 11

At a certain age one starts to dislike change! I shall manage, no doubt.

  dms_05 08 Apr 11

The most useful feature of the old site was the ability to view all the recent thread postings on all forums on a single page. The new site doesn't seem to offer such an overview and even when I chose a specific forum the number of threads shown is quite small (even on a 22" 1920x1080 screen). So whilst it looks nice it's less user friendly. On my netbook it's almost unusable for this reason.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Apr 11


Took some getting into :0)

FF kept giving me error messages that I was being direct to some address that would not complete.

Also had to search for my password (not used in years I had previously used to log directly into the help room).

Contrast appears crisp.

  GaT7 08 Apr 11

'My Postings' is no more :-(? G

  Matt Egan 08 Apr 11

Hi Crossbow7 - I put a thread up about this: don't worry. A new, improved My Postings has been built, but it's currently causing some memory issues, so we've had to switch it off to work on it. It'll be live early next week at the latest.

  lucky1 08 Apr 11

A huge improvement. Well done!


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