PCA needs Winding Up

  woodchip 06 May 11

That's what it looks like my end today, Clicking go and nothing happens for ten minutes, Refresh is almost a wast of time

  Bapou 06 May 11

Same here. Replied to a thread in Speakers Corner earlier, clicked Post and nowt happened. Deleted it and moved elsewhere.

  canarieslover 06 May 11

Hey, you ain't the only one's. I've just 'lost' a response to this post after waiting several minutes from clicking on 'Post'.

  buteman 06 May 11

Looks like it is Ok again.or a bit better at least.

  catpwss 06 May 11

very slow here.1940hrs.

  robin_x 06 May 11

New site is better when clicking elsewhere by mistake and returning, a half finished reply is almost always there.

But still it is always a good idea to select and copy a reply to clipboard before Post

Often I find a frozen Please Wait will process by quitting and returning and a quick paste and post then.

  hssutton 06 May 11

I attempted to create a new thread in speakers corner, clicking on post brought up the message "Please Wait" half hour later I was still waiting

  Woolwell 06 May 11

It's very slow and that may be the reason that there are so few posts tonight.

  sunnystaines 06 May 11

last time i made a comment about the new PCA web, with good intentions i picked up a silver padlock, looks like you might get the gold padlock for this one.

  woodchip 06 May 11

sunnystaines if you mean you me, I have not bothered as I have just loaded Dragon Dictate. And it's working a lot faster than PCA without hardly any training

  woodchip 06 May 11

As you can see there are some Hi-cups in how it hears me


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