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  highside 19:03 20 Sep 09

Got a silly situation where its almost impossible to use the forum fully.
Use IE8 (my usual way) and for PC Advisor (& Only PCA) the web page keeps freezing before I can sign in & I have to Ctl Alt Del. On odd occasions like this one I have got away with it.
OK I tried FF and have absolutely no problem arriving at this site but cannot sign in, the login request just keeps reappearing. Nothing wrong with my details, my email address is auto remembered and my password has never changed. I even tried requesting a password reminder and copying that in to no avail.
So 1)IE8 PCA site freezes.
2) FF won't let me login but at least it doesnt freeze.
Any thoughts welcome.

  birdface 19:08 20 Sep 09

Make sure you have the latest Flash program and the latest firefox version installed.

  birdface 19:13 20 Sep 09

Have you tried rebooting your computer that sometimes helps.ignore Internet Explorer just now.A problem with PCA just now. They know about it but cannot get it fixed till tomorrow.

  highside 19:46 20 Sep 09

Thanks buteman, FF now OK had to get latest version and allow cookies.

  birdface 21:27 20 Sep 09

I take it you can still use IE8 as long as you do not go into PCA.

  woodchip 22:00 20 Sep 09

turn java of in settings to log in you may need to turn it it on for other sites

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:24 20 Sep 09

Set privacy and security to medium.

set up a shortcut to auto log you in

h t t p : // w w w. pcadvisor .co.uk/account/login/index.cfm?action=login&email=[email protected][email protected]um%26forumid%3D1

(The '1' at the very end of this URL - yes, the bit after %3D - specifies the forum.

1. Helproom.
2. ConsumerWatch.
3. Digitalworld
4. speakers Corner
5. Webdesign
6. Networking
7. Absolute Beginners

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 20 Sep 09
  Sea Urchin 23:15 20 Sep 09

What would be the 'number' for My Postings?

  Newuser38 09:37 21 Sep 09

Seems?? to be linked to this click here

  highside 10:43 21 Sep 09

Newuser - Yes youre right, I started this post because of sign in problems but I aslo get the ones mentioned in your link (PCA Only)

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