PCA logging out when posting made

  griffon 56 13:09 22 Jul 07

Does anybody else experience what I continually suffer? and that is that a PCA Forum will remain logged in until I make a post to it and then on the next page I am logged out, and, of course, the posting isn't there.

I've taken to writing postings offline to ensure the copy isn't lost and then trying to post continually until at last the attempt is successful.

I'm running Old Noah's computer, 950 Duron, 512 RAM, 40G HDD, Intel 536 modem and dial-up with XP.

I also find the site generally unwieldy, each page taking a long time to load with continual video ads and changing statics. It's slightly disappointing that the first site you are taken to on loading a page is 'adtech' and then other advert pages follow before you get the real McCoy. Oughtn't PCA to be in the forefront of the war on intrusive advertising and have a really slick site with lightning reactions? Tho' I wouldn't mind the ads so much if the pages loaded faster, I suppose ads defray costs and make the magazine cheaper, or, for the cynical, increase the salaries payable.

  griffon 56 14:03 17 Aug 07

I'm now on broadband but the PCA site still loads more slowly than most others. Doesn't anybody else notice this? or isn't it worthy of comment, if so I apologise for raising it.

  birdface 14:22 17 Aug 07

Pca does open a little slowley for me as well,Its fairly poor on Firefox and comes up with blue printing.But not as bad as it used to,I am puting it down to something that I have downloaded,Some folk have been having problems with Kerio Firewall.I have not deleted mine yet.I am waiting to see if it clears up itself.

  Miros 15:04 17 Aug 07

It can be a bit spasmodic at times for me, it would appear to stick sometimes also in which case I close it down and IE7 which I use and start all over again. But always try to copy and paste anything I have typed before doing so.

Still a great source of info though and thanks to all who have ever helped me, there are many :-)

  griffon 56 15:18 17 Aug 07

Thanks everybody, That's it then, PCA's web pages are slow despite the great value content. I expect it's down to all the ad content and graphics they carry.

I don't suppose that FE will see this page and get something done about it - just my luck! Ah well, I suppose that's life.

  griffon 56 15:22 17 Aug 07

Marg7 you've hit the nail right on the head. That's exactly what I get. Going to a thread and making a post immediately seems always to work OK, it goes haywire when I leave a while before posting. Thanks for the recovery method I hadn't thought of doing it like that. Good tip, submit it to Computeractive and win a prize.

  Miros 13:44 20 Aug 07

Mine has always been ticked and still occasionally have the above problem, so afraid that's not the answer:-(

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