PCA June 2004 Cover Disk

  pj123 17:46 17 Jun 04

Has anyone tried to Install Sonic MyDVD from the PCA June 2004 Cover Disk? Did you have any problems. I was about to buy MyDVD when I noticed it on the Cover disk, but when I try to install it all I get is Windows Explorer showing the contents of my C drive. I tried it on my partners computer and this time I got a window with two options. “Register” and “Install”. When I select register I get “No connection to the Internet is currently available”, with two more options “Work Offline and “Try Again”. I select try again and I get “The page cannot be displayed… blah, blah, etc…

So, in case something has gone wrong with the Internet connection on her PC I abort the installation process. But I can connect to the Internet with no problem at all.

If anyone else has installed this programme with no problems – How did you do it, please.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 17 Jun 04

I haven't tried it myself but I see from the mag it requires online registration. Not to say this will work but try connecting to the internet first, minimise the internet explorer browser and while still online try installing the software. I did have a program from one of the coverdisks once which wouldn't install till I registered it but wouldn't connect automatically, solved problem by doing what I just said, good luck.

  pj123 20:11 17 Jun 04

Totally-braindead. Thanks for that but I did try that as well. My PC is on BB and is always running. My partners PC is on AOL dialup. I realise it is a two stage process. The first is to register and the second is the install process which I imagine downloads files from the website. But I can't get into the website to register, so stage one never completes.

  cream. 22:03 17 Jun 04

I don't usually install software off cover disks.

I have just tried it and registration came up quite easy.

If you want the reg key its in your e-mail. lol

  pj123 22:26 17 Jun 04

St. Bruno, like you I don't normally install software off cover disks. But due to problems I am having with Pinnacle Studio 8 someone recommended MyDVD. I was about to buy it when it was offered free on the July 2004 cover disk. But, if you read the previous posts you will see I can't get past the first stage so I don't get an email with the reg key, which is the whole point of this thread.

  cream. 22:33 17 Jun 04

Yes I may not of expressed myself fully. I have tried the disk and was able to register. They have e-mailed me a registration code, probably the same for everyone. I have e-mailed the registration code to you to get you past your sticking point.

So if you press they install section you will have the code to continue.

If I have got this wrong please let me know.

  cream. 22:37 17 Jun 04

On my computer I had to type d:\mydvd\mydvd_cd.exe in the run box.

  pj123 22:44 17 Jun 04

St. Bruno, sorry, read you wrong.

On my computer I had to type d:\mydvd\mydvd_cd.exe in the run box. Yes did exactly that except my CD Drive is g: and not d:.

  stalion 22:47 17 Jun 04

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  pj123 22:53 17 Jun 04

stalion, yes that's where I was going to buy it from in the first place but as it was offered free on the PCA cover disk why do I need to buy it?

  cream. 22:59 17 Jun 04

then type


and see if this works.

My drive is "f" so i did f:\mydvd\mydvd_cd.exe

The d is just a generalisation for a cdrom reader and must be altered to fit the target machine.

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