PCA Home Page Error

  clock 24 Jun 11

I have been very patient with the new web site but the home page is still showing "done, but with errors on page", - am on compatibility view and Explorer 8. Helproom Forum page loads OK. Is this still normal for all users due to a glitch?? Clock

  Nontek 24 Jun 11

No such problem using Firefox.

  wee eddie 24 Jun 11

I've nicked this from elsewhere:

Method 1: Disable script debugging If the only sign of a problem is the error message, and Web sites are working, you can probably ignore the error. Also, if the problem only happens on one or two Web pages, it might be a problem with those pages. If you decide to ignore the errors, you can disable script debugging.

Note If this problem occurs on more than one or two sites, do not disable script debugging. Go to method 2 now.

To turn off the Scripting Debugger in Internet Explorer 6, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, click to select the Disable script debugging check box. and then click OK .

To turn off notification about every script error in Internet Explorer 7, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, click to clear the Display a notification about every script error check box, and then click OK.

  buteman 24 Jun 11

You will get those problems if you have IE7pro Add-on or you have downloaded another Host file.

If it is not interfering with the speed of the computer just untick Status bar under View and you don't see the warnings.

  clock 24 Jun 11

Thanks all, will just ignore it as I have been doing for weeks!



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