PCA Forum Singapore

  accord 23:09 08 Jul 04

For those of you who havent seen this then check this out:

click here

  stalion 23:13 08 Jul 04

yes, but most users ever on line 11 I think it has a way to go to catch this forum

  sicknote 23:13 08 Jul 04

Maybe we twin them with us as we do with towns here.I could do with a culture trip to Singapore

  jonnytub 23:15 08 Jul 04

may pop in every now and then for a holiday!

  johnsims 23:16 08 Jul 04

Ahhh. Better forum software by far than the board used here in my opinion. Much quicker too.
Not so much activity over there as here though.
Vog is there too! Is ther no end to the man?

  accord 23:18 08 Jul 04

reason its quicker is that it has about 500k of threads where this fantastic and free :-) UK forum has god knows how many Gigs worth.

It would be interesting to know how many people are online here at any one time.

  VoG II 23:21 08 Jul 04

It is a dead forum, isn't it?

  stalion 23:24 08 Jul 04

I thought it was a dead parrot

  VoG II 23:25 08 Jul 04


  johnsims 23:28 08 Jul 04

Dead - yes, very. Still, it is also very new.

phpBB is in my view a far better and natively quicker board - providing there aren't too many ads dotted around the header and sides. It's functionality and means of navigation are also superior in my view, but in deference to accord, I've not been on one (phpBB) that is quite as big as this tho the hyperos forum is a fair size.

  sicknote 23:31 08 Jul 04

I heard of a time delay but !!! thought they were 8 hours ahead

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