PCA Forum is not remembering me

  pj123 16:41 23 Oct 05


I have just done my normal weekly clean up and back up.

When I login to the PCA Forum my details are blank.

I re-enter them and tick the "remember me" box but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. I have just logged out and logged back in and my login fields are blank again.

  octal 16:44 23 Oct 05

Have you forgot to untick something that says clear cookies when the browser is closed? Its easily done.

  anskyber 16:50 23 Oct 05

Yep same with me today. Maybe its their server?

  Stuartli 16:54 23 Oct 05

You are probably thinking of Temporary Internet Files from IE's Internet Options>Advanced tab.


I remember you...:-)

The most likely reason is Passwords control if you use Firefox (Privacy tab) where you should try adding the PC Advisor website or, in IE, Internet Options>Content>Personal Information>AutoComplete is not Enabled.

It's a while since I used IE so the above may require a bit of tuning...:-)

  pj123 16:55 23 Oct 05

octal, not that I know of. I do my cleanup and backup every week on a Sunday. Never had this problem before.

Am now loggin out and will shut down and reboot.

See what happens.

  DieSse 17:08 23 Oct 05

PCA Forum is not remembering me

Who said that?


  SANTOS7 17:09 23 Oct 05

Always one !!! p32j1

  freaky 17:32 23 Oct 05

When you log on PCW creates a Cookie, if you ask PCW to remember your password and then delete the subsequent cookie - you will get the problem you mention. That's what I have found anyway!

  woodchip 17:36 23 Oct 05

It should not need to rely on cookies, I use netscape it keeps my Passwords in Password Manager. IE should do similar

  woodchip 17:38 23 Oct 05

IE may need a repair click here

  pj123 17:40 23 Oct 05

freaky, yes I realise that. I do a clean up and back up every Sunday. All my Cookies and Temp Internet Files go. When I log in to the PCA Forum after the clean up I have to enter my details again, I always tick the "Remember my Details" box (which up to now has worked) but not today.

I seem to have to re-enter my details every time I log in.

Will do another shut down and re-boot.

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